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CS143 Summer 2011 Handout #00 June 20, 2011 Course Information _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Instructor Keith Schwarz ( htiek@cs.stanford.edu ) TAs Hrysoula Papadakis ( hpapadak@stanford.edu ) Riddhi Mittal ( riddhi@stanford.edu ) Email The course staff can be reached at cs143-sum1011-staff@lists.stanford.edu . Please don't hesitate to send us emails! We're here because we genuinely love this material and want to help you learn it, so if there's anything we can do to make your life easier please let us know. By virtue of enrolling in CS143, you should automatically be added to the student mailing list cs143-sum1011-students@lists.stanford.edu . Outside of lecture, this will be the main way that we will be making announcements. Office Hours The three of us will be holding office hours throughout the quarter. We will be sending out an email soon where you can let us know what times would work best for you, and will try to schedule office hours to ensure that there's a time that fits nicely into your schedule. Lectures Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 11:00AM – 12:15PM in Gates B01 Units This course is offered for both 3 and 4 units. If you are an undergraduate, you should be taking this course for four units, but if you're a grad student you can take it for either three or four units, depending on what makes your schedule work out better. This course is fast- paced and has a lot of content, so I'd suggest taking it for four units. Prerequisites This course has CS103 and CS107 as prerequisites. From CS107, you should feel comfortable working in a Unix environment and should know how to write, debug, and test code from the command-line. Additionally, you should feel comfortable developing and testing nontrivial software systems – after all, you'll be building one over the course of the quarter! In addition to the coding background from CS107, you'll need a fair amount of theory from
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000_Course_Information - CS143 Summer 2011 Handout #00 June...

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