MGT+350+Week+5+Learning+Team+Assignment - The outcome...

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The outcome reached in the simulation was somewhat fair. Integrating the product mix to include more of the internet-related and multimedia products that are currently in demand is a highly critical and urgent issue. Updates to the product mix are necessary to effectively compete with the competition chain. Meredith correctly focused on updating the product mix for Credenhill Retailers, but she chose to downgrade the critical and urgent issue of low variable pay between the junior and senior associates. As a manager, if Meredith does not pay critical attention to the disproportion in pay for the employees, the employee morale will greatly suffer, and Meredith will lose more employees to the competition chain. Meredith decided to initially solve the problems at Credenhill Retailers by hiking the promotional expenditure and offer large discounts on the slow-moving inventory. She also made the decision to reorient the product mix, and recommend a new pay plan for the employees. Although the priority result desired in the decision was to boost the store sales, these strategies
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MGT+350+Week+5+Learning+Team+Assignment - The outcome...

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