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Science week 7 - Trash Can Nuclear Reactors Could Power...

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Trash Can' Nuclear Reactors Could Power Human Outpost On Moon Or Mars NASA has made notable progress towards the development of trash can sized nuclear reactors to use on the moon or even on Mars. After three tests performed recently, each which was independent of the others, two tests were performed at different NASA centers and the third test was performed at the NASA national lab, it seems that NASA has confirmed and demonstrated the technologies for compact fission based nuclear plants for use in other worlds. The tests included a Marshall reactor with a special pump and a coolant loop which provided heat to a Stirling engine to simulate conditions similar to that of an actual fission system. The results confirmed that it is in fact feasible and that bodes well for NASA’s goal of 2020 moon missions that could lead to a moon base and to the first manned mission to Mars. The article relates to our week 7 studies on fission. Fission, the splitting of a nucleus, is most commonly done using Uranium. The main reason is because large amounts of energy can get obtained.
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