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Science week 6 - Theorists Propose a New Way to Shine-And a...

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Theorists Propose a New Way to Shine -- And a New Kind of Star: 'Electroweak' The article explains what a group of physicists are calling the “Electroweak star”. The theory is that during what is the final phase, before a star collapses into a black hole, the electroweak star can, if the burning is efficient enough, consume enough mass and prevent it from becoming a black hole, ever. This is believed to be true because the amount of energy generated stops the collapse from occurring leaving the star burning in an Electroweak state. Apparently, it is difficult to detect the majority of the energy emitted because the energy is from neutrinos. By the calculations of these scientists it is believed that the Electroweak state could last 10 million years, which for a star is an extremely short period of time. This article relates to our week 6 studies about the nature of stars, the different sizes, and types of stars in our universe.
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