Science Week 1 - Week 1 Is it possible that temperature...

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Week 1 Is it possible that temperature changes cause an increased number of severe storms? According to research meteorologists, the answer is yes. They surmise that the temperature changes brought on by global warming are directly related to the increase in storms that cause flooding, hail, tornadoes and other damaging wind. They say that by the end of this century we will endure more than double storm occurrences in some cities, such as Atlanta and New York that were specifically mentioned by the researchers. It is also noted that the researchers found that the increase in storm activity will occur during the stormy seasons and not during the dry seasons when agricultural farmers would be grateful for the extra water. In my own personal research I have found that the logic and evidence used to support the existence of global warming to be small cited at best. Clearly our planet Earth goes through changes, some more extreme and some less extreme than others, which we have only been recording and tracking for a small period of time – hundreds versus billions of years where our planet has endured. It is my firm belief that “life finds a way” and the planet, if necessary, will destroy nearly all life in order to create a new beginning. In any event, these storms have and will continue to occur and as our research has shown we can expect more severe storms to come. Our planet and its cycles are on such a grand scale that we can only speculate, based on the most recent years’ data, which serves to support my belief that the planet is constantly changing and will adapt as necessary in its own evolution. The fact remains that Earth has always had a hole in the ozone layer and has always fluctuated in size. Any attempt to blame mankind for
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Science Week 1 - Week 1 Is it possible that temperature...

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