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The article introduces us to a new look at E. Coli. Associate professor Lun at Rutgers University believes that organisms can be used to produce biodiesel fuel. He points out that making fuel out of food sources is not the most sustainable and rather expensive. It has been common practice as of late to using corn to make ethanol. He believes that modification of E. coli to produce excess fatty acids is the solution. Lun has begun a collaborated effort with researchers from Harvard University and thus far has been able to demonstrate his suggested changes through the use of his computers but seems confident that the process is fairly simple and would work. The article relates to this week’s studies on energy and heat because the use of E. coli to produce biofuels is the development of a new source of energy. For thousands of years we have used wind to move boats with sails, used the sun to grow crops, and even water to turn millstones. We are always looking for cost effective ways to convert what we have cost effectively into energy. Over 38% of our energy comes from
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