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The main point of the article entitled: “Physicists Are Discovering Ways To Build Rogue Waves Out Of Light” is that a team of physicists have identified a set of conditions that will produce optical rogue waves. A rogue wave is a giant wave that suddenly springs up and towers out and above the surrounding sea. Scientists trying to understand how these enormous waves are created from the conflicting interactions of smaller waves on the rough seas. Apparently scientists desired to create these waves intentionally by using optical fiber and light traveling within. Prior to 1995, when an 85 foot wave broke over an oil platform in the North Sea, rogue waves were thought to be an exaggerated story or a tall tale amongst sailors. This article relates to our week 4 studies on waves and the relationship between wavelength, frequency, and velocity. The distance between wave crests and the total number of passing crests each second is all we need to calculate velocity. Velocity is the speed and direction of the
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