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.unit3 chapter 4. - ratio improved during 2007 4 Furniture fixtures and equipment are reported under the fixed assets category 5 As of fixed assets

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Accounting I Week 3 Assignment Chapter 4: 1. Amazon.com uses a classified balance sheet. 2. The largest asset is cash and the largest liability is long term debt at December 31, 2007. 3. Amazon’s current ratios at December 31, 2006 – 1.72 and 2007 – 1.39. The current
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Unformatted text preview: ratio improved during 2007. 4. Furniture, fixtures, and equipment are reported under the fixed assets category. 5. As of December 31, 2007 fixed assets were 1,023 and accumulated depreciation was 543. The book value of the fixed assets was 480....
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