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Unformatted text preview: Accounting II Week 6 Assignment 1. What is the ethical issue? The ethical issue is clearly the request of an additional 15% cushion. This is unethical and shows lack of confidence and motivation on Dunns part to run the business and manage which is what she is being paid for as assistant manager. The cushion would in effect make the business manage itself and would not need an assistant manager. Also, it was mentioned that her evaluation of her performance would be much better, obviously because she would be able to use excess funds to make the business meet the numbers and goals. If she would have had a just explanation for the increase of 15 % that was more ethical not solely to assist in her earning bonuses she would have been better off. She basically asked for a guaranteed bonus, regardless of her performance and ability to manage the location. 2. What are my options? As I see it I can take the time to justify the increase of 15% or any amount increase and see if it is deserved...
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