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2nd draft - J.P Morgan Chase is a highly reputable...

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J.P. Morgan Chase is a highly reputable financial institution, which has an assertive communication style. Press releases by J.P. Morgan Chase are based upon important changes the company plans to make. There is a recent announcement regarding Chase partnering with 10 other large companies committing to hire 100,000 military members leaving active duty service and other veterans by the end of 2020. The program will be called “100,000 Jobs Mission,” expects to add more partners and increase the target number of jobs as it grows. This release exhibits loyalty towards the military men and women that serve our country, and is a form of positive communication. J.P. Morgan Chase displays effective communication that gets the public’s attention. J.P. Morgan Chase recently decided to commit $5 million to near-term relief and recovery effects in Japan, in the aftermath of its worst earthquake on record. J.P. Morgan Chase is also encouraging employees to contribute to the rescue efforts being led by The American Red Cross and World Vision, with the firm matching these contributions. This type of
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