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Draft 3 - communication since the purpose of business is to...

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Communication involves the sharing of information between two or more people, where the information has relevance to at least one of the parties. There are four main communication styles, each style appropriate for different cultural and business settings depending on the objective of the communication. The styles consist of: tell: inform or explain the meaning, sell: persuade or convince, consult: involves high interaction with other parties, and join: collaboration and sharing ideas among parties. JP Morgan Chase communication styles are centered on informing and explaining situations to its readers. The press releases are to keep the customers and anyone who is concerned with the overall functioning of Chase abreast of all major financial decisions and any new additions to the company. Chase is committed to doing business in a responsible way and being a good corporate partner to their communities across the globe. Business communication is somewhat different and unique rather from other types of
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Unformatted text preview: communication since the purpose of business is to get profit. To make good way for profit the communicator should develop good communication skills. JP Morgan Chase wants to be the best financial services company in the world. They cannot promise specific outcomes or risk-free results, but they will promise to share the truth and offer honest assessments of their businesses and prospects. JP Morgan Chase communication style for advertisements is to sell. They are in the business of persuading and selling their product with hopes that the communities will be buy or become a part of. JP Morgan Chase must act in the customer’s best interest, not once in a while, but consistently. They offer outstanding products and services and being helpful, courteous and quick to follow up. By striving to be keenly aware of the competitive landscape and quick to act, they work to exceed customers’ expectations and constantly make it easier for people to do business with them....
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