draft - When analyzing the face of corporate America we...

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When analyzing the face of corporate America we must consider it from a variety of angles. Among these angles is the face a corporation presents to its investors, its customers, and its potential customers. To remain competitive in any market, a corporation must find its identity and then present that identity in a multitude of ways via all forms of communication. Here we will analyze two of corporate America’s giants, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase, and their differing approaches in how they present themselves to the world. Corporate/Investor website JP Morgan Chase I Google searched “Chase” and the second search result returned their online banking webiste while the eighth result returned “jpmorgan chase.com” showing that the corporate website and the banking site are completely separate. Dominating the first page of the corporate website is a video of Jamie Dimon, chairman CEO of JPMorgan Chase, saying, “We are trying to help take this nation forward in any way we can.” Immediately I was struck by the statement that the company attempts to sound noble and caring, although in my personal opinion it ends up sounding somewhat smug. After watching the video and seeing the other headlining stories on the site it is clear that Chase is on a mission to tell the world how much they are doing to help our country climb out of this recession. The messages have a feel like they are making themselves out to be a charity organization, as if banking wasn’t a business. There are multiple videos on the website that highlight managers of particular branches and human interest stories of corporate philanthropy. The website is well organized vie two separate windows within the main page that can be scrolled through. One window is for latest news while the other covers human interest stories. From the main page, a couple of tabs takes you to their annual report. The annual report begins with a letter to share holds from CEO Jamie Dimon inviting them to
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draft - When analyzing the face of corporate America we...

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