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Applying Style Guidelines There are two main formatting differences between an academic paper and a memo. The first is spacing. In a memo, the heading is double spaced, there is double spacing between paragraphs, and the paragraphs themselves are single spaced; everything is also aligned to the left. In an academic paper, there is double spacing throughout the entire paper and the first line of each paragraph is indented five spaces. The audience affects the format of a memo because a memo is expected to be short and concise; it affects the format of an academic paper because a paper is expected to contain a lot of information, and so it would need to be lengthy. The purpose affects the format of a memo because it is stated in the subject line whereas in an academic paper,
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Unformatted text preview: the purpose is stated repeatedly throughout the paper and supported with different ideas and examples. The purpose also affects the paper’s format because it is used to make the headers. The tone affects the format of a memo in a few ways. Depending on the tone of the memo, one would use different sized fonts, and italics, bold, or underline. In an academic paper, one would not use different font sizes or other effects on the font. Structure does not affect the memo’s format. Memos use standard features, but there is not one correct format. Structure affect’s the paper’s format because one would use a title page, headers, and page numbers....
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