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Week 2 DQ 2 The Wiki site is not reliable. I believe this because there are many authors, anyone can post information. There are 'moderators' or 'editors', but they do not fix the information, they only post that a section needs more support or it will be deleted. There is also no way of knowing when the information was last updated. The Web site is reliable. There is a reference to back up the information stated in the text. The only doubts about it are that the article seems biased, and there is no date posted so there is no way of knowing if it has been updated or when it was written in the first place. The readings for Week 2 are reliable.
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Unformatted text preview: It is a University of Texas School of Law publication, and the author has reliable credentials and a lot of experience. The only doubt is that the article is more than 4 years old. I cannot decide whether the Blog would be reliable or not. The article does not contain bias, and the author is well known and has published many books and articles for papers such as the New York Times. The only catch is that the blog is six years old. If one were writing a research paper about the death penalty, I don't know if the information would be valid or not. I would lean towards it not being reliable though....
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