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CheckPoint: Modern Challenges in Immigration The United States government policy should favor certain kinds of immigrants. If the immigrant is legal and is following all of the correct procedures and does not have a criminal history, he or she should be permitted to become a United States citizen. Also, The immigrant should be willing to assimilate. He or she would have to be able to read and write in English and be willing to embrace our culture. I do not mean that they would have to give up their own culture, just that they would need to show respect to our culture also. I feel that citizenship preference should be given to applicants who can prove that they are in a
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Unformatted text preview: situation where becoming a U.S. citizen would dramatically help them. For instance, if an immigrant were a refuge then I believe that it would be okay to give that immigrant temporary citizenship until all of the correct paperwork had been filed and the immigrant could go through the citizenship process. I do not believe that applicants from any country should be given priority. The text talked about the brain drain and the negative affect that it has on the home county. I believe that when the United States gives preference to any particular country or talent, it creates a drain on that countries available workforce....
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