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Technological Tools Axia College’s technological tools are very useful. I feel that the audio appendixes make remembering what I learn easier because I can read along with what I hear, which reinforces what I am learning. I feel that the digital stories are easy to grasp because you hear the story and see the images that go along with it, which makes understanding what is going on easier as well as making it easier to follow along with the story. The tutorials are great, especially the APA tutorials. They help me to learn how to improve my grammar, correctly use APA format, and how to use the different software programs correctly. My overall feelings towards the technological tools are that they are very useful. They all help to reinforce what I learn and they make it easier for me to learn new skills. The option to download in an audio format helps to improve my educational
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Unformatted text preview: experience. I am able to download the audio clips onto my MP3 player, and when my family and I go on trips I have access to those audio clips so that I can work on my assignments while we are traveling. The portability of it makes learning much easier because I can take it with me anywhere, as long as my MP3 player is charged. It does help me learn in different ways because I have an easier time remembering some things when I can hear them, not just read them. Although it is a good feature, it is not necessarily an option I will choose to use very often; mostly because it is difficult to hear the audio clip over a two year old. My overall attitude towards this option is that it is very good to have available. I can easily take my coursework with me when my family and I go on trips, and I can learn and refresh my skills with the tutorials....
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