Course_Project_Guide - • Review the grading rubric for application content • Prepare your application focusing on the specific knowledge areas

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Course Project: PMP Practice Application Objective | Guidelines | Grading Rubrics | Best Practices Objective As part of the PMP qualification process, you will need to document your past and current project management experience. The course project will consist of your preparation of a practice resume, which you can use in the event of your eventual registration online at in order to take your certification exam. This project consists of each student preparing his or her own PMP qualification resume. A template is provided under the Doc Sharing tab for your use. This project will be due the night of class during Week 7 and will be submitted via the Dropbox feature on the eCollege platform. Guidelines Use the PMP practice application template provided in Doc Sharing.
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Unformatted text preview: • Review the grading rubric for application content. • Prepare your application, focusing on the specific knowledge areas you have studied for certification. Grading Rubric Category Points Organization & Cohesiveness 40 Editing 20 Content 110 Total 180 Best Practices PMP Practice Application In the Doc Sharing area, I have placed a PMP practice application form for your course project. If you have any questions about filling out the form, please use the Q & A forum because others will probably benefit from the information. The course project (your completed PMP practice application) is due during Week 7. It is worth 180 of your 1,000 total possible points (18%)....
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