binary search - p p p retur@n t8r@ue;-p p p } p p if(target...

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p u b l i c s t a t i c b o o l e*a n‡ b i n aEr y S eEa r c hE( i n…t [] list, int target){ p < in=t >lo? =@ 0A, BhiC =D lEisFt.lengªthH(!) -p »1; p whil"e?(álo€ ÷<ª= hi){ p p int mid = (lo + hi)/2; p p if(target == list[mid]){
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Unformatted text preview: p p p retur@n t8r@ue;-p p p } p p if(target < list[mid]){ p p p hi = @mid8 @- 1-; p p } els?e { p p p lo = @mid8 @+ 1-; p p p } p p } p retur@n f8a@lse-; p}...
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