The Criminal Justice System

Police after suspectarrestedandtakenintocustody

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Unformatted text preview: -After Suspect arrested and taken into custody. Suspect is booked, fingerprinted, photographed, one phone call is allowed. Charges reviewed. General district court. General Judge Bailiff Court Reporter Sentencing and punishment. Sentencing Sentencing Punishment Judge sets sentencing Red Onion State Prison, VA Red Supermax prison Public prison Population 769 as of June 2008 Crime statistics Sussex I State Prison, VA Sussex Maximum Security Public prison Population 1,139 as of June 2008 Crime Statistics Home Electronic Monitoring Home Offender stays at home Wears ankle bracelet Constantly monitored Diversion Centers Diversion 20 week residential program Monitors offenders Provides programs Non violent crimes References References Area Connect, (2008) 2006 Crime Comparison­The Most Current Data Resources Retrieved November 30, 2008. c1=Chesapeake&s1=VA&c2=Newport+News&s2=VA Gaines, L. & Miller, R. L. (2006). Criminal justice in action: The core (3rd ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson/Wadsworth. ISBN: 0­495­00305­4 Virginia Department of Corrections, (2008) Retreived November 30, 2008 from ult.shtm...
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