Causation of Crime Checkpoint

Causation of Crime Checkpoint - Week 2

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I have chosen the Sociological theory and Social Conflict theory to compare and contrast. With the sociological theory it is mostly the conditions in which a person lives which contribute to whether or not they commit a crime. With the social conflict theory, it is the attempt to control the minority members that cause the people to act out. The way these are similar is that with the sociological theory, the surroundings ie, lack of employment, poor living conditions, lack of education, is a similar way that attempt control (social conflict). When there is a lack of options, people will look to other means to survive. Among the several crime trends, the class of drugs and alcohol seems to produce the most criminal activity. In the areas that have higher unemployment, poor living conditions, teenagers who drop out of school, drugs and alcohol play a large part of their lives. Drugs are sold as a way to get money to buy things that otherwise would be unattainable. Alcohol is used and abused to escape the harsh reality that they live in day to day. Drugs are also used in this way, but the sale of drugs provides more in the way of
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Causation of Crime Checkpoint - Week 2

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