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Inside Criminal Law

Inside Criminal Law - Week 2

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Inside Criminal Law INSIDE CRIMINAL LAW Inside Criminal Law 1
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Inside Criminal Law Inside Criminal Law Purposes of criminal law In criminal law, there are two ways that the law functions. The first is to protect the public from others that wish to do criminal harm, such as murder, arson or theft, and also protect the society from those who wish criminal harm with the environment, food supply, or constructing structures, which are dangerous. With protecting the public, there has to punishment that has to be dealt to those who do criminal harm. However, sometimes the punishment does not fit the crime, and must be weighed in on by a judge or jury. The second is to maintain and teach the social function of the law. Through out the years, the majority of a society has set forth those acts which are considered normal and values which are acceptable by those in that society. These criminal acts are considered morally wrong, and do no obvious physical harm to others. By maintaining these norms and values, parents attempt to teach their children behaviors that are acceptable by society. When a person breaks a law, there will be punishment(s) to teach them that it is not acceptable. In addition, by using the media, the society at large will also learn that moral criminal acts, such as bigotry, prostitution, and adultery will carry punishments. Written sources of American criminal law In American criminal law, the communities need to know and understand the laws and punishments for breaking those laws. In order for this to happen, the acts need to be written and
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Inside Criminal Law - Week 2

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