cjs200_appendix_b - Week 4

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Axia College Material Appendix B The Rules of Law Enforcement Part I During the summer of 2006, Phoenix Police detectives James Bennett and Mark Butler investigated robberies at two local electronic stores in north Phoenix. Digital cameras, iPods, CDs, and computer games were among the items listed as stolen. During their investigation they received anonymous tips detailing general descriptions of the suspect. The detectives routinely went back to the two crime scenes to gather more evidence and to speak with customers who may have seen the suspect. On their way to one of the crime scenes, the two detectives spotted a person with a heavy coat walking briskly out of a different electronics store. Curious as to why someone would be wearing a heavy coat during the summer in Phoenix, the two detectives pulled into the parking lot to speak with this person. The person matched only the height description of the suspect. Subsequently, the two detectives searched the person and found a small 22-
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cjs200_appendix_b - Week 4

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