Pretrial Procedures

Pretrial Procedures - Pretrial Procedures Pretrial Before...

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Unformatted text preview: Pretrial Procedures Pretrial Before the trial starts. Topics to be Covered Topics Arrest Booking Initial Appearance Bail Grand Jury Topics continued.. Topics Indictment Arraignment Plea bargain Trial Court Arrest of Suspect Arrest Suspect arrested and taken into custody. Suspect is booked, fingerprinted, photographed, one phone call is allowed. Charges reviewed. Initial Appearance Initial Suspect appears before a judge. Suspect informed of charges and their rights. Attorney appointed if one is requested by suspect. Bail is set by judge. Grand Jury and Indictment Grand Probable cause to determine if defendant committed crime. Indictment issued if probable cause found. Arraignment Arraignment Defendant brought before trial court. Informed of charges. Asked to enter plea. •Plea Bargain The prosecutor offers a lesser charge or sentence for guilty plea. Trial Court Trial Defendant enters plea of not guilty. Reference Reference ...
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