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The purpose of jails

The purpose of jails - monitoring While serving a sentence...

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The purpose of jails in today’s society is a great source of debate for the political powers that be. Prisons are designed primarily to incarcerate those inmates who commit felonies that carry a lengthy sentence. Jails however, are used to detain those offenders that are awaiting pretrial, or have committed misdemeanors or were not able to get out on bail. In addition, jails are used to: detain juveniles until they can be transferred to a juvenile facility, hold mentally ill patients until they can be transferred to a health facility, those who have violated probation, parole or “jumped” bail, inmates going to federal or state prisons or community sanctions such as home confinement and electronic
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Unformatted text preview: monitoring. While serving a sentence in jail is suppose to be punishment, and a deterrence to commit future crimes, because the usual sentence is between 30-90 and then the offender can be released early for time spent incarcerated while waiting for trial. This is not enough time to try to rehabilitate or educate the offender. I believe our current system is failing. More and more offenders are being released back onto the streets before there has been any attempt to rehabilitate them. With the lack of trained staff to carry out the program, many offenders return to jail having committed the same type of crime, or have committed a more serious offense or felony....
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