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Law Enforcement Agencies Checkpoint I think the three most important law enforcement agencies are the FBI, ATF, and the state police. The FBI, which enforces over 200 federal crimes, to include sabotage, terrorism, white collar crime, kidnapping, and bank robbery to name a few, has the ability to utilize agents quickly to help state and local law enforcement agencies. The FBI also has an extensive Identification database of fingerprints to assist in identifying missing persons, victims of fire, plane crashes, and other unidentifiable persons. The state police, which have statewide jurisdiction, have the ability to provide assistance to local police agencies in criminal investigations that cross county lines, and provide law enforcement to rural areas that do not have city or county agencies. The state
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Unformatted text preview: police are bound only by the borderlines of the state. The ATF enforces gun control in the US, regulates the sale and trade of firearms between the US and foreign countries, collects taxes from firearm importers, manufacturers and dealers, providing income for the US government. The ATF also polices the illegal use and possession of explosives, and enforces the federal gaming laws. These three agencies in my opinion, are very effective in preventing and deterring crime in the U.S. By assisting state and local law enforcement, the FBI ensures that every effort will be taken to save lives and to apprehend those who break the law. The ATF helps to provide security to the public by going after those who break the law by bringing in illegal weapons, and alcohol....
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