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ERP 1 ERP IT-330-6993-Emerging Technologies Sylvia DeSormeau January 18, 2010
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ERP 2 Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, is yet another of those three-letter acronyms that have become so common. The best way to describe an ERP system in a simple way would be to say that ERP is an information system that manages all resources available in a company. It has become a common term for a co-operating software that manages and co-ordinates the majority of a company’s resources, assets, and activities. Items such as orders, storage, purchasing, assets, vendor contacts, financials, and human resources are usually included in an ERP system. (Wailgum, 2010) ( The ERP system is an attempt to create an integrated product that manages all operations in a company. Prior to this the systems were not integrated and companies had (and many still have) several different systems for managing finance, storage, purchasing, etc., which were running separately. This caused large problems when trying to get the systems to work together. If you have many different systems, you have to enter the same data into several systems. A couple of different “program islands” have been floating around in the companies and ERP is one attempt to link them into one unit. If you enter data into the module for manufacturing, the
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ERP Essay - ERP ERP IT-330-6993-Emerging Technologies...

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