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Technology Adoption and Deployment

Technology Adoption and Deployment - Technology1 Technology...

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Technology     1 Technology Adoption and Deployment IT 330 – Emerging Technologies Tom Stinson, Instructor Sylvia DeSormeau February 3, 2011
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Technology     2 In order for businesses to be successful, there must be growth. If a business is ineffective, there will not be growth and eventually this could result in its closure. Every department within an organization is dependent on the effective use of technology in some capacity. Each day there are transactions, deliveries, inputs, and outputs that depend on the smooth and efficient operation of software and hardware. To maintain standards and smooth performance businesses must constantly update computers and information systems to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. Most of technology is designed to gather, process, store, and distribute data in a business environment. Businesses must be able to instantly access information records and files regarding the activity of customers. In the same respect, they must also be able to update all this information just as quickly. Thankfully, today's technology makes
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