Chapter18gh - Chapter18: Issues NaturalandManmade...

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5/17/2011 1 Introduction to Marine Environmental Issues Natural and Man made Marine Pollutants Impact of Disturbed Habitats on Organisms Prosperity Human Activity and Global Oceanic Change Chapter 18: The Ocean and The Environment Human Impact on the world Ocean: 17 data sets: shipping, fishing, pollution, invasive species, temperature change, UV light changes, and ocean acidification human consumption exceeds Earth’s natural replacement capacity by at least 20% Marine Pollutants Generated Marine pollution is the introduction into the ocean by humans of substances or energy that changes the quality of the water or affects the physical, chemical, or biological environment. •Impacts may be acute or chronic •Organism response will depend on sensitivity to the combination of quantity and toxicity of the pollutant •Pollutants also vary in their persistence (oil spills, long term atmospheric changes etc.) Oil Natural Oil seeps ~= anthropogenic input
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Chapter18gh - Chapter18: Issues NaturalandManmade...

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