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INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING WINTER 2009 UC DAVIS EXTENSION MID-TERM #1 EXAM INSTRUCTION PAGE Following are the instructions for completing the exam and turning it back in for grading. DUE DATE: Tuesday February 17 th at the beginning of class. Please turn in your hard copy completed exam. RESOURCES: Any that you need, EXCEPT classmates. I am available for consultation on administrative matters (i.e. clarification of questions), but not technical topics. CONTACT: Through the following email address: [email protected] There are three sections to this exam. Section I deals with a variety of topics and consists of short answers and a few problems that require calculations. Section II is a comprehensive problem covering the main topics we touched on in class so far. Section III consists of two short questions for which you will be awarded points only if you actually provide answers. Please show your work on all problems so that I can follow your thought process. You will be awarded more points on a problem if your final answer is incorrect and you show all your work steps than if you simply provide the proper answer without showing your work. I am more interested in your thought process than the ending numerical result, though the numerical result is also important. You should make an attempt at every question. I suggest that you read through the entire exam before beginning. Do NOT be intimidated by the number of pages. The questions have generally been designed to stimulate your thinking instead of finding “the right answer” in the text. For most, I am looking for original thoughts. There is space provided on the attached pages under each question for you to complete your answers. Do NOT feel limited by the amount of space I have initially provided. If you need more, simply keep typing. Turning in attachments is also acceptable. There is no limitation on the length of answers, however do not feel the need to throw everything in and hope that something is correct. There is no extra credit for extra answers. Each problem has been assigned a point total and is shown at the end of the question in parentheses. Total points should add up to 85. If there turns out to be a question that more than the majority of you do not get correct, I will attempt to determine why and whether it was something that I did not teach well or was not clear in the text. I will make a determination at that point as to whether to
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exclude the question from the final grading. . There is no curve for grading. A curve would simply mean that I did a poor job of getting you ready for this exam. In order to receive credit, your name must be somewhere on the exam that is easy for me to find. Good luck, and remember, the only time limit is that the exam must be turned in by the
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