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COMP 314 - U4C15

Operating System Concepts, Seventh Edition

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COMP 314 – Unit 4 Chapter 15 (Security) The Security Problem (559) We say that a system is secure if its resources are used and accessed as intended under all circumstances. A threat is the potential for a security violation, whereas attack is the attempt to break security. (560) Types of violations: Breach of Security – This type of violation involves unauthorized reading of data (or theft of information). Breach of Integrity – This violation involves unauthorized modification of data. Breach of Availability – Unauthorized destruction of data. Theft of Service – Involves unauthorized use of resources. Denial of Service – Involves preventing legitimate use of the system (DDOS or DOS). Masquerading is the most common way to breach security, which is pretending to be another. Attackers breach authentication. Replay attack consists of the malicious or fraudulent repeat of a valid data transmission. Frequently it is done along with message modification to escalate privileges. To protect systems, we must take security measures at four levels: Physical – The site or sites must be secured against armed or surreptitious entry by intruders. Human – Authorizing users should be done carefully to to assure that only appropriate users have access to the systems. Operating System – The system must protect itself from accidental or purposeful security breaches. Network – Securing of private data as it flows over the network. Program Threats (563) Trojan Horse A code segment that misuses the environment is called a Trojan Horse. Another variation on the Trojan horse is spyware.
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COMP 314 - U4C15 - COMP 314 Unit 4 Chapter 15(Security The...

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