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RE: Flat-rate Taxes The flat-rate tax by itself would not produce enough revenue to sustain the government. There would still be many people who would work under the table to avoid paying taxes. There is no way to prove this. For instance, an individual comes to one's house and asks if he or she could mow one's lawn. The price is very appealing. One pays this individual to do this work in cash. The individual does not claim this income on his or her tax return. Many individuals will look for ways to support his or her lifestyle even if it means to commit fraud against the very county that protects them. There simply is not a quick and clean solution to the tax resolution. I have been told about tithe for the church. I have always been told to tithe 10% of my income to the
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Unformatted text preview: church. I have done my tithe for any church I have attended. I have frequently asked pastors to direct my to the part of the Bible that said I must give 10% of my income to the church. I have only found instances where one gives to the church in the form of tithe. In my opinion, I could also be tithe by donating my time to the church. Is this not tithing as well? Would I not get compensated if I have chosen to go to work instead of not getting paid? I can predict that this would also arise in a lot of instants as well with a flat-rate tax system. Who is to stop individuals form exchanging services instead of money? This would not create a paper trail either....
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