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Unformatted text preview: The United States' tax system is a very mysterious and complex system. Many dare not to embark on the task of understanding it. Questions regarding the current tax system have not even been resolved. Almost all politicians discuss tax reform to some degree. Politicians tend to position his or her views that are popular to the publiv. Special interest groups lobby for support to politicians that interests them. The publiv elects politicians so many politicians tend to poll his or her voters to gauge what the public wants. One way to helpo cone up with solutions that will help our country is to employ economist that do not have anything to gain by the involvment process. Hopefully, the economist that are employed would propose many different solutions to the tax issue and the impact it will have on the country. Having an objective team of economist could result in some very interesting solutions. The requirements of the solutions should be whether to revised the tax code, change the tax code, or just completely start from...
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