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Accounting Project - 26th June 2011 Introduction Computer...

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26 th June 2011 Introduction Computer fraud and abuse have been around since computers were first invented and used in business. Many companies lose thousands if not millions of dollars every year from computer fraud and abuse. Companies must combat internal and external forces that commit computer fraud. Accounting Information Systems are helping with this problem. While nothing is full proof with a computer program or system it is best to utilized caution. Having an Accounting Information System has become invaluable to companies wanting to protect their data. Fraud can be committed by internal and external offenders. The relationship between computer fraud and abuse and the Accounting Information System are the types of frauds, abuses, and the controls needed. Technology for business has become its Achilles Heel. The types of frauds that can be committed using computers are enormous. Fraud can be deterred in many ways by using an Accounting Information System. Accounting Information System is used for different purposes so a company will need to evaluate an Accounting Information System before using it. It will need to be able to have the bandwidth to handle the data and provide the information that the company will need. Internal forces are the employees of a company. These employees can
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Accounting Project - 26th June 2011 Introduction Computer...

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