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30th April 2011 Module 1, Group 1, GDB 1 Question 2 RE: What types of limitations are there in accounting information systems, and how do businesses account for those limitations? The accounting information system a company uses is limited by the applications of its software or programing. The system can only do what it was programed to do. One would need to be aware of compatibility of other software when add to the system. The software that the company chooses should detail the needs of the company. The company will need to figure out the logistics of how the software should work or how to apply it. If a company uses brick sites and websites to conduct business, then the software will need to accommodate it. For instance, does the company want the brick site to process the website orders and send the orders to customers or does the company want the distribution center or third-party to process the orders. The system would need to design to route this decision. The company could have the system set-
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Unformatted text preview: up to have the orders sent to the brick site and processed there and mailed to customers. Or the distribution center could process the customer’s orders and mail them out from its site. This would be one of the logistics to consider when having different platforms. There are some grocery stores that will order for the managers by what is sold in the store. This makes it where products that are not selling are not being ordered. This can happen when someone goes to order a product and the shelf tag is not where it is supposed to be. Stockers could have moved the tags by mistake, pricing integrity clerks could have moved the tags, or there could have been a reset and the item is being taken out because it is not being sold. There are pros and cons to any system that a company uses. The decision on what system to use will depend on what the needs of the company are....
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