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acct 332Question 1

acct 332Question 1 - encouraged me to looking into and take...

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Question 1: I would use the REA system however; I would some how design one that allowed me to have the debt/credit model as well. Combined both of these will also help with creating financial statements. Using an REA system let one know what is being used and how everything is connected. It is not just one dimensional but more of two dimensional. The normal debt/credit will only inform one that it was used. The REA system will allow one to see what asset was used, who used the asset, and what how it is connected. Question2: I have a professor tell me that I needed to look into Accounting Information Systems back in 2003. She
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Unformatted text preview: encouraged me to looking into and take classed that would help me in understanding the concept. She even tutored me a little about using an Accounting Information System. I have always been grateful for the experience that I continued to learn more about them. My perceptions of an Accounting Information System are very high. I believe these systems will discourage white-collar crime and improve businesses. It not only give information for financial statements but everyone will get the information that in needed for his or her department....
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