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Christina DiGusto L23599763 28st May 2011 Module 2, DB 1 RE: Most of us probably use computers on a regular basis and those within the accounting field, of course, utilize accounting software. As we know, there are limitations on computers and software. Describe some of the limitations accounting information systems have and how these limitations affect one's accounting information systems. Software for any purpose has its limitations. One of the limitations is if wrong information plugged into the software. Another limitation is if the sequence code is duplicated. This would produce confusing results. The servers that the information system is on have a width-band meaning how much data it can process. If the server should overload, then the system itself could crash. Many have solved this problem; however, it still is a limitation of an information system. The human element is also an important limitation as well. The system will not know if there is a
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Unformatted text preview: error, it will continue. A human will most likely notice the error before continuing. There is just some information that still needs to be looked at by a human. In accounting, information is extremely important. That means it has to be as accurate as possible. When creating or making decisions for a company one needs to have correct and reliable information to make these decisions. One could make a million mistake because of bad information. The accounting information needs to be accurate to the penny. These accounts will go from one data base to another for different purposes. No matter what an accounting system is not perfect. One just has to be detailed when working with one. It is an excellent tool to use for an Accountant whether it is for tax, management, or other reasons. Reference: Romney, M., & Steinbart, P. (2009). Accounting information systems (11th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall....
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