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mgmt db3 - Re Business Presentation Definition The clarity...

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Re: Business Presentation Definition: “The clarity and delivery of a presentation is instrumental in determining whether the audience is able to connect with the speaker and understand the information presented.” “The common tenets include strategy, structure, style, support, and supplement--- each of which is important in conveying the message.” Satterlee, A. (2009). Organizational Management and Leadership: A Christian Perspective. Roanoke, VA: Synergistic, Inc. Summary: Sara J. White is a “Pharmacy Leadership Coach in Mountain view, California” and writes the column “Success Skills” for the “American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy” (White, 2010). In her column, she wrote about speaking in public. White illustrates the framework need for PowerPoint’s and how to deliver the content effectively. The delivery of one’s presentation will need to be mindful of “pitch, power, and pace” in order to achieve fluency. She elaborates on how the structure of the presentation should be. Style of one’s presentation should be exclusive to that individual. She cited “enthusiasm, poise and confidence, use of an outline, and preparation” are the key ingredients of style. The art of public speaking and presentations goes hand in hand to the “quality communications skills” (White, 2010). Discussion:
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The article reflected most points about “Business Presentations” that are presented in our book (Satterlee, 2009). White states that it is vital to have a good presentation in order to be successful in “public
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mgmt db3 - Re Business Presentation Definition The clarity...

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