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RE: Resume` One's resume` is a reflection of oneself. The resume` is all of the jobs and accomplishments one has attain through one's career path. As Rebecca noted, " brief, grammatically correct" resumes will speak volumes to a manager or human resource personnel. A resume should contain only facts. So not stretch the truth. It will come back to one. Resumes should be written in paragraph format. A season manager can usually spot faulty resumes. These resumes will be put in the file box to collect dust. Most of the managers that look at a resume` can do all of the skills that are required for the job in questioned. If they cannot, they will know exactly what skills are needed. Resumes that are dishonest will always stick out. Even if one makes it to an interview, it will be the many topic of the interview. Do not use large complex
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Unformatted text preview: words in a resume`. Use words that simply explain what one needs to convey. After one writes a resume`, look at it the next day. One will be able to notice problems easier. Read ones resume` out loud to oneself. As was suggests before, have a good friend to read over it. There are services out there that will write one's resume` for a fee. If one does this one is taking out one's personailty of the resume`. Remember the resume` is a reflection oneself. The impression that a manager gets form reading a resume` should be a picture on one's character. Yes, one will be able to should some character traits through a resume`. Someone who is loyal will show in the time spent at any company. The different levels of positions one has held in one company shows how valuable one was to that company....
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