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mgmt db4reply2 - diligence One should always know...

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RE: Job Interview Having an interview is an exciting and nerve racking experience. No matter how many times I have had a job interview, I always have butterflies in my stomach. The reverse is true as well. Any time I have to conduct an interview, I have butterflies in my stomach. From the interviewer side, I am always worried that I will not ask the right questions. I worry that I I will be perceived as too formal and not make the interviewee confortable. He or she does not realize that I am just as nervous. I have hired many people and I still get the same felling when I do an interview. I want to make sure I choose the right person for my team. When I am interviewing, I have to take into account how will this person fit in with the established team. Is this person a team player? Lee and Whitmore’s article is based on the perceptive of the interviewee. It in short explains to do due
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Unformatted text preview: diligence. One should always know information about the company one is interviewing with. This will also help one to understand the focus of the company. It is always best to think about the answer to the question asked. Do not make it seem that one could come up with an answer on the fly. It gives the impression of being slick and untrustworthy, in my opinion. Perception us good, but one also needs to give thought about the answer from what was observed before and during the interview. Reference: Satterlee, A. (2009). Organizational Management and Leadership: A Christian Perspective. Roanoke, VA: Synergistic, Inc. Lee, K. & Whitmore, J. (2010). Getting your first job: the interview. British Journal of Midwifery. Vol. 18,(17)....
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mgmt db4reply2 - diligence One should always know...

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