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In the article "Arguments that the Bible is the Word of God," the most compelling argument that Dr. Towns presents is "The Transcultral Appeal." The world is made up of so many different cultures. There are even cultures within cultures. These cultures have different languages. The cultures will have different languages within them as well. "No matter what language, the Bible's message comes through clearly when it is translated from one language to another." For each person who reads the Bible he/she will receive God's message and this message will be unique to him/her in every way. Everyone's background and culture is different, but when they read the Bible everyone gets the same message. The translation from one language to another will require the use of different words. These different words differ from the meanings depending on the language. That does not mean that the over all message is altered in any way. God had it planned for ". ..the Bible always seem[ed] to be up to date and meets the needs of its
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Unformatted text preview: readers." It would not matter ones statues in life or where one was from, the Bible is universal because God made it that way. Some languages do not have words that it can be translated into, however, the meaning will stay the same. The message will live on in all languages. The interpretation form the translates is also another issue when books are translated into other languages. The Bible does not have this issue because it is from a divine author God. People look at the Bible in different ways and the Bible will always give the answer as long as one is willing to recognize it. Even if one is not able to recognize it, God will guide one through the Bible to find what one needs or is looking for. Cultures have built their languages from what was known to them. Many has been developing over many years well after the Bible was composed. The Bible will transcend time and any language because of God. God's word is meant to live for as long as he has chosen it to....
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