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Yes, when one preaches the Word of God, the message will evolve. That message is just one piece of the puzzle God has made. We learn from the Bible. We learn from our Pastors. We learn from one another. We gather the messages that God is sending us from all resources God has made apparent to us. The story that comes to mind is the story I was told at a young age. A man fell in some quick sand. He prayed to God to help him. A horse came and asked the man if he need any help. He said no and told the Horse he did not need his help. He is waiting on God. He is about waist high in the quick sand. Then a donkey
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Unformatted text preview: came and asked him if he need help. He said no again, he is waiting on God. By this time, he is about neck deep in the quick sand. The man dies and goes to heaven and stands before God. He asks God why did he not save him. He was a good Christian. He had faith. He lived his life with the belief he would see God. God replied, I sent you a Horse, a donkey, and a wild pack of dogs and you refused my help. So yes, the message is always different. We are to learn from God's words and apply them Not to be feed it and not think or reflect on the meanings of his Words....
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