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theodb2reply - Understand Jennifer's frustration with find...

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Understand Jennifer's frustration with find a local church. It is true that many in a church leadership position have abused its trust. The media has made it public information of those whom have used their religious position for sinful purpose. I have struggled to find a local church of my own. The media could have also played a role in that as well. I know that I do not trust church leader’s right from the beginning because of all the abuse of power. I am wrong because I have judged these people. I do not have the right to judge them. I think the stigma does affect every church. I was once told that church was for sinners not saints. I also want to feel God's presence in a church when I go to one. The stigma that is attached to church leaders now could also be a test to all of us. Will we stop worshiping together in Christ because of
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