Lex 283 Evidence Collection Activity

Lex 283 Evidence Collection Activity - To preserve the...

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Summer Phillips Kimberly Turner Lex 283 – Hy Evidence Collection and Preservation Activity Carpet Sample- The carpet fiber was collected from the victim’s bedroom. The area was first photographed and then with a small pair of scissors I cut about 20 pieces of the fiber from the carpet. I then placed the fibers in a paper envelope and sealed it. I then put a piece of tape over the seal to make sure it was secured and so that none of the fibers could come out. I initialed and dated the tape. On the front of the envelope I initialed it, wrote the time and date that I collected the sample and a description of the evidence and where I collected it from, and the investigating agency’s name and the file number. The fibers can be compared to any fibers found on the suspect to see if they match. Fingerprint Sample- The fingerprint was collected from the victim to be used as elimination fingerprints. I first place the victim’s thumb on an ink pad. Then I pressed her thumb on a white sheet of paper.
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Unformatted text preview: To preserve the fingerprint, I placed the paper with the fingerprint in between 2 clear pieces of laminate. I then sealed it in a paper envelope and initialed and dated it on the front and noted the fingerprint was from the victim. These fingerprints can be compared to any other fingerprints found at the scene to determine which fingerprints were the victims and which fingerprints were the suspects. Shoeprint Sample-The shoeprint sample was taken from the victims nephew. I started out by taking photographs of the shoe, using a tripod, ruler, and a level. Then I made a cast of the shoeprint by mixing dental stone and slightly pressing the bottom of the shoe down until the dental stone started to harden. I placed the cast in a large bag and initialed, dated, and wrote a brief description on the front of the bag. The shoeprint can be used when trying to determine which print belonged to the suspect....
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Lex 283 Evidence Collection Activity - To preserve the...

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