Lex 110 Module 3 Activity

Lex 110 Module 3 Activity - Client I ntake Memo Summer...

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Unformatted text preview: Client I ntake Memo Summer Phillips Lex 110-Hy Module 3 Activity 1. A witness is competent to testify if the witness: a) Understands the obligation to tell the truth, b) Has the ability to communicate, and c) Has knowledge of the topic of his or her testimony. 2. on next page 3. The 1 st fact in this case that would need to be particularized is what made the client think Mr. Thompson did not even try to slow down before the collision. I would need to get the place and environment details of the accident, the details on the other participants, and also verification details. The next fact that would need FP would be that Mr. Thompson appeared to be speeding at the time of the collision. The sources I would use for this FP are details on the other participant, extent of certainty and uncertainty, and verification details. I would also want to know more about if the client looked before he went through the intersection. I would need to use verification details by asking the witness who was behind the client at the time. 4. Four kinds of difficult clients are: a) The client who knows all the law, b) The angry client, c) The demanding or suspicious client, and d) The client who lies. 5. Legal investigation is the process of gathering additional facts and verifying presently known facts in order to advise a client on how to solve or avoid a legal problem. Client I ntake Memo To: Wendy Grode, Superviser Personal I nformation: F rom: Summer Phillips, Paralegal Name of Client: Clarke Smith Date of Memo: 11/9/2010 Address: 10 Connor St., Wilson 27893 Case: Clarke Smith v. Jim Thompson Phone: 252-236-1212 File Number: 12-3456 Email : csmith@email.com Kind of Case: Personal Injury Age: 34 Ma rital Status: Married Re: Client Interview of Clarke Smith Employment: Self-Employed Client I nterview Summary This interview was conducted on November 5 th , 2010 at 4:30 pm and took...
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Lex 110 Module 3 Activity - Client I ntake Memo Summer...

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