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Process Improvement Plan - Process Improvement Plan The...

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Process Improvement Plan The process that I identified at work as the main bottleneck to my day, is the overwhelming amount of e-mails received that bog me down every morning when beginning my day. “Email clearly has its downsides. Unclear emails distract employees from important work-related tasks, cloud communication channels, and often create extra work” (Karnaze, August 11, 2010). E-mail was developed to make communication between people easier, not to create a bottleneck. Approximately one hour is spent daily, reading, sorting,filing, and responding to e-mails and phone calls. If I go over this time, or the time significantly increases due to volume, it creates a problem in my day, as other assignments are not being completed in a timely manner. If I speed through e-mails and voice-mails and miss important information, to expedite the morning process, this would alternately affect quality. These are the reasons that control limits must be established. Many factors or variables cause changes to the time that it takes me to complete this morning process. These variables are usually assignable variables (Chase, R. B., Jacobs, F. R., & Aquilano, N. J., 2006) because they are caused by known factors such as the presence of other activities that need to be provided to my staff, such as assistance with their daily audits, daily huddles, and internal customer service. In order to improve the current process, I will begin arriving at work 30 minutes early than others to work on responses and immediate problems without distraction. Because all individuals in the accounting department do not begin prior to 8:00am, I will begin at 7:30am. Changing my start time, would improve the process and make it more efficient. This will free me up quicker, allowing me to work
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Process Improvement Plan - Process Improvement Plan The...

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