Business Research Methods - Chapter 3 Answers

Business Research Methods - Chapter 3 Answers - Session III...

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Session III February 7, 2007 Go to the assignments, Reading Assignments; access the manuscript, Are Americans Becoming Internet Slaves? Read and review the article and post your critical review on the Literature, Methodology, Findings, and Summary. Please discuss you findings: This article was quite difficult to read. It appeared to be choppy in its presentation. The methodology of the research was briefly mentioned at the end of the first paragraph but was not clearly defined. There was a good deal of information about the findings listed throughout out the entire document but it was scattered and often lacked a link to the original topic defined in the initial statement of the article. The key points to be made where listed by bold headers but again where not tied back to the topic of the research in any concrete way. I did not detect what I would call a summary. The article listed a good number of statistics and tried to make points about how people are spending more time on the Internet and less time doing the things they use to do but never accomplished that goal. Instead of summarizing the results the article just seemed to end with several unconnected tidbits about how technology is making strides in many different areas. This article lacked cohesiveness. It provided some interesting information but did not present the results and findings of the study in a manner that supported the topic under study. Click on Jason’s draft of thesis proposal and discuss his proposal. This was a much better written paper than the previous article. The purpose of the research was explicitly stated and reasoning for the initial discussion was given providing a clear idea of the topic under scrutiny. He defined assumptions being made along with possible limitations that could be encountered during the research process The methodology was also clearly defined while also providing reasoning for the choices made. This provided a continued understanding of the goal being pursued. He provided adequate reference and background material through his review of existing literature to give the study a starting point and an ending goal. I thought the proposal was well organized however; the level of English used was at times difficult to follow.
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Click on Research Proposal submitted by Arlen Butler and discuss your critical review here This also appears to be a fairly well written proposal. The author explicitly states the questions to be answered by the research giving the reader an exact idea of what the research will try to accomplish. A brief amount of background was also given to show how the proposed research would be beneficial and also included information as to specific users who would have application for the research results. The proposal listed information as to where the data for the research would come from but did not list specifics as to how the analysis would be done. Go to the External Link and click on the Student Support or visit the URL:
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Business Research Methods - Chapter 3 Answers - Session III...

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