Study Guide for Feb 23 & 28, 2011-1

Study Guide for Feb 23 & 28, 2011-1 - 4. Sharia 5....

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Study Guide for Exam 1 on Feb 23 & 28, 2011 You need to study both the textbook (Global 2010ed) and the slides of chapters 1-5, including the opening and closing cases as well as IN FOCUS of each chapter. The extra readings on the Bb of chapters 1-3 are also the required materials for exam I. You are allowed to use a one-page double-sided cheat sheet during the test. The test has 35 multiple choice questions. Chapter 1: 1. Three views on globalization 2. BRIC countries (geographic location, summit, etc.) 3. The income pyramid of global economy Chapter 2 1. Supportive pillars under formal and informal institutions 2. Totalitarianism 3. Democracy (essentials, varieties)
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Sharia 5. Charter City 6. Civil Law and Common Law 7. Counterfeiting problem in the world economy Chapter 3 1. Japanese Business Norms 2. Culture Symbols 3. Five Dimensions of Culture 4. Chinese vs. English 5. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Chapter 4 1. Tangible and Intangible resources 2. Value Chain 3. Outsourcing, offshoring, inshoring, and captive sourcing 4. VRIO framework 5. Apple Inc. Case Chapter 5 1. Mercantilism 2. Comparative advantage 3. Product life Cycle 4. Strategic trade theory 5. Tariff Barriers 6. Nontariff Barriers (NTB): subsidies, Import Quotas, VERs, and local content requirement....
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Study Guide for Feb 23 & 28, 2011-1 - 4. Sharia 5....

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