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MKTG 311: Spring 2011 Syllabus: Page 1 MKTG. 311 (LEC 90), Spring 2011 Introduction to Marketing (CRN: 90473) Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:40 – 1:05 LH 002 Instructor : Subimal (“Chat”) Chatterjee Office : 224 Academic A Contact : 7-2733 (Phone), [email protected] Blackboard : Facebook : [email protected] Office Hours : Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 to 11:30; (At other times, by appointment only) Teaching Assistants Graduate TA: Dipankar Rai ([email protected]) Undergraduate TA’s: Christine Warkenthien ([email protected]), and Andrew J Philpott ([email protected]) Text: ISBN: 978-0078083525, Grewal/Levy, Marketing loose-leaf 2/e with Connect Plus Access Card Course Philosophy and Contents Marketing drives the free economy, an economy unfettered by governmental mandates, knowing no regional boundaries, built on creativity, technology, and the entrepreneurial spirit, and answering to the consumer. The discipline of marketing starts with the consumer and recognizes that how effectively a company can meet the consumers’ need is the key to profitability. In MKTG 311, we will use a combination of lectures, readings, videos, and analytical problems to convey the key elements of marketing, including strategy, segmentation, consumer behavior, marketing research, distribution, promotion, pricing, international marketing, marketing ethics, marketing models, customer satisfaction, and Internet marketing . We will focus on presenting the important concepts and tools, and how you can use them to solve marketing problems. Area and Course Goals
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MKTG 311: Spring 2011 Syllabus: Page 2 The broad goal of the Marketing area in the School of Management is to teach students an integrative understanding of, and the ability to apply, concepts about (a) information acquisition, management, and use , (b) customer analysis , and (c) marketing mix design and marketing strategy development . Within that broad context, the primary goal of MKTG 311 is to develop functional competency in marketing, and the desired outcome is that students, after taking this course, are able to apply knowledge of marketing to make effective business decisions. Some of the assessment initiatives for this outcome include testing if students: (a) can construct a customer lifetime value table from given data (b) are able to interpret the marketing implications of perceptual maps (c) can calculate the relevant metrics of internet advertising from data (d) are able to interpret and apply the results of multiple regression The other learning goals of MKTG 311 are: (a) critical thinking (to the extent that students can identify marketing problems and solve them using analytical techniques), (b) ethical awareness (to the extent that students understand the ethical/moral implications of marketing business decisions), (c) international dimensions of management (to the extent that students understand how marketing strategies vary across cultures), and
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Syllabus - MKTG 311 Spring 2011 Syllabus Page 1 MKTG...

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