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CH 17 - emancipation proclamation(Freed South-Didn’t free...

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I. The Civil War: A question of Rights a. State rights b. The right to own slaves c. A civil war over slavery? II. a. Lincoln’s “house divided” speech b. Salves rise up during war c. 13 th III. After Slavery a. Black codes b. Violence against Freed people IV. Radical Reconstruction a. 14 th Amendment b. Freedmans Bureaus c. 15 th Amendment – Voting Rights d. Dilemma of enforcing constitution i. Corruption – Carpet baggers ii. Violence – KKK Rights: Right to secede from federal government Right to own slaves Lincoln’s goal: Reunite country 1862 – no slaves back to masters (south)
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Unformatted text preview: emancipation proclamation (Freed South)-Didn’t free northern states 180,000 Slaves as union soldiers 12/6/1865 – 13 th Amendment (Slavery Abolished) Southern States must ratify 13 th Amendment to return to Union Assassination of Lincoln – 4/1865 Black codes – Southerners way around slavery-couldn’t hold meetings-had to work for white men-couldn’t own property-may not be drunk-may not carry fire arms-may not travel w/o pass from employer-may not sell things-ect *Freedmen were punished by death or physical beating by white men if in violation of codes...
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