CH 19 - • Social Gospel giving back to the community •...

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Industrialization in the North 1877-1900 I. Nothern Industrialization a. Railroads, Technology, Transportation II. Empire of Steel a. Andrew Carnegie i. Poor Background ii. Apprenticeship in railroad b. Production of Steel III. Homestead, PA a. Living Conditions b. Homestead Strike i. Henry Frick ii. “Fort Frick” iii. Pikertons iv. Carnegie’s Response IV. The “Gilded Age” Railroads all across the country - times zones became important! Andrew Carnegie- Ireland o Family- poor linen weavers. o Immigrant to America – worked in telegraph company o Pennsylvania railroad – became personal secretary to manager. o Built Libraries across U.S. Production of steel VERY profitable and dangerous. Homestead – everything a family could live off of in one town. o Church o Movie o General stores o Bar Homestead life not easy. Caused strikes- Unions (**BOOK!!**)
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Unformatted text preview: • Social Gospel- giving back to the community. • Immigration surge – economic depression. • Hey Market Square – riot (**BOOK!!**) • Armories built across the U.S. because of Union riots. • Frick- when prices fell, workers made up for it through cuts in their pay. • Frick- cut wages, union went on strike, Frick shut down factory, only speaking to individuals. • Workers never dissolved union but agreed to talk individually. • Workers wrote Carnegie, he never responded, was on Frick’s side. • Workers riot – violent • Militia set up to defend the fort. – control striking workers. • Meet You in Hell – Carnegie to Frick. • Gilded age – mark twain (coated in gold)...
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CH 19 - • Social Gospel giving back to the community •...

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